Ensoniq EPS - Sound Library 2019

Ensoniq EPS Disk Images DownloadEnsoniq CX-Collection Sound Library 2019 for Ensoniq EPS/EPS 16+ ASR-10/TS. >Just download these diskimages< and make floppys with Omniflop, lables included, print on one solid A4 lable and cut away the black with scissors :p lots of unfresh sounds :p download now..
Content is..
  • Classic Rave Stabs - 32 Sounds, Many of them "remastered" Various sources and 1 original. 
  • FM Für Alle - 26 Sounds from SammichFM DX7 PreenFM etc.. Random, selfmade etc..
  • Lo-Fi Keyboards - 23 Sounds from Toy Keyboards and similar :p
  • Synth Mania - 22 Sounds, just various synthsounds from various gear.
  • Rompler Guitars - 22 Sounds, guitar from various Romplers and also some FM.

  • Video Game Lover - 24 Sounds from Amiga, Atari, Commodore and Nintendo.
  • Old School Breaks - 8 Sounds (drumloops) Split over the keyboard.
  • Ahh Voices - 24 Sounds, a bunch of choir-sounds from romplers and samplers.
  • Old Sampler - 26 Sounds from Yamaha, Roland, Ensoniq and Akai, mostly 12bit
  • Bitpop Drums - 46 Sounds and 6 bonus -> LOAD bitpop drums, PRESS instrument 1, PRESS button 1 (ENV 1), all 3 KiTS light up at once :p


Windows XP Knight Rider Boot Screen

Still rockin Windows XP? Try this custom Knight Rider boot screen i made a couple years ago, what you need is a 30day free copy of TuneUP Utilities and this boot-screen-file and you are ready to go :p


Video Game Rave Classics - Album

A collection of some tracks from 2015/16 and forward + 2 remixed. Contains bitpopish and some old school rave etc..

Listen >here< or if you want the mp3's just leave a comment or whatever works for you :p

Blipblop Don't Stop..