Chip Maestro - Poor Mans midiNES ?

A cheaper version of midiNES maybe, anyway you can make some sweet Nintendo sounds with it, not as flashy ass the midiNES butt still a good one, buy and try :p 

Chip Maestro 7/10 BiTS 

My upcomming EPS samlpelib will contain 2 .wavs from it.


HyperSiD -> Unusall SidSynth?

HyperSiD more c64 packed in a small box, anyway the soundchip. What is so special with this version? The logo glows by itself. Nice cosy light when down in the basement :p


Future Composer - Amiga

Most of my favourite chiptunes are made with this program. Future Composer. Might be a little harder to use then Protracker but the sound is just the best early 90s amiga cracktro sound there is :p

It seems hard to make happy tunes with it, everything sounds like its in minor but thats allright.


If youre lazy just enjoy the music..