BlipBlop on your CASIO CZ-101

8-bit Arpeggio
Today im going to talk about how you can make your own VGM sounds on a Casio CZ-101.

1. Set the DCO oscillator to 2 (squarewave)
2. Set vibrato to WAVE=4 (squarewave) RATE=94 (or less) DEPTH=99 

Now you have your own one note blipblop arpeggio to play with :p 


Modified Commodore 64 (x2)

Modified Commodore 64Got my hands on two nice modified C64's one of each with cyberpunk look :p perfect for use with Mssiah or Cynthcart.
Modified Commodore 64

Maybe I might try to modify one myself but i would probably destroy it instead ass i have 2 lefthands and thumbs in the middle :D


The Sierra Sound Library 2.04

If you like old Sierra games and making lofi music + having and old PC with Soundblaster 16 or atleast the same midiport you can use this dos program to play instruments used in the music of the MT-32 versions of the games.

Download Sierra Sound Library + buy an Roland MT-32 with an old dos-pc. Also working with Dosbox if you dont have the correct interface :p


Korg 707 DiY Desktop version

If you like the sound of Yamaha 4op FM then there is Korg 707 same sound but you can adjust the sound more easily!

Perfect for "chiptunes" and similar music :p this is one i removed the keyboard + the cardreader making it a smaller desktop version to save space :D


Roland D-5 - DiY Desktop

The Roland D5 might be the smallest LAsynth keyboard but not small enough :p

I stripped the keyboard and the joystick + moved one of the boads ontop of the other and it became approx 10times smaller (after using a metalsaw) :p perfect for digital sounding stuff like blipblop bitpop chiptune 8-bit tracker lofi electronic pop and similar etc..