Mode Machines SiD

Mode Machines SiD is a good looking box with a two channel sequencer. Good for when you want unexpected results and you dont know what youre doin, if you find one cheep you can try it :p not the best c64 synth but fun anyway..

The editor is made in java and you need a faster computer then i have i guess to run it smoth? Mine is 10years old running winXP.


128 Patches for MidiBox SammichSiD

New sounds for your MidiBox SammichSID. 128 homemade, random and edited nonpro patches for all Commodore lovers out there :p sounds like shit or not, have a try :p 

128 SammichSiD patches > download <

If  you make a tune with the sounds you can post a link if you want to :D


PiPlay Mame Cabinet now finished!

Weee finally finished. Replaced the internal speaker with two new cheap usb + system updated to 0.8 beta7 Have a look inside lots of clay, tape and other unprofessional stuff :p


Installing PiPlay on Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi in old TV
Installing Mame / PiPlay Cabinet in Old School TV @ Raspberry Pi 2014..
Finally its almost finished. My MAME Raspberry Emulator inside an old TVset :p Some errors on the way like wrong cable in the wrong hole and lots of crap now i only need a new update of PiPlay.

How to make one of these? Buy a cheep lcd from China and put it in an old TV after you ripped out the old internal stuff. Lots of clay to keep the screen in place and dont forget the Raspberry.

Only original stuff left in the box is the speeker :p


Yamaha PSS-100 Keyboard/Synth

Chiptune KeyboardYamaha PSS-100 the number one blip blop chiptune/home keyboard? Sounds like an old Atari ST chiptune with build in drumbeats and adjustable sounds.

There is no audio out so do like me and attach a cable to the speeker out cables and you are ready to go :p you cant make your own sounds but change them with the blue triangle buttons..


SammichSiD Midibox 8-bit Synthesizer

8-bit Commodore C64 Synthesizer
SammichSiD [MiDibox] is a very nice soundling machine that is not that hard to program as it seems. There is a good editor available but it's almost as easy to make sounds without if you just go crazy with pressing buttons on random. One of the best MOS 6581/8580 8-bit synthesizers I know of.

Going to upload a .zip with all my homemade patches later but want to fill all the 128 first :p ehhhh.. Grade 9/10