Video Game Rave Classics - Album

A collection of some tracks from 2015/16 and forward + 2 remixed. Contains bitpopish and some old school rave etc..

Listen >here< or if you want the mp3's just leave a comment or whatever works for you :p

Blipblop Don't Stop..


Half Rack Synths

Half Rack Synthesizers
Do you live in an small apartment with a really old computer not available to run vst? Not me but anyway to save some space in your rompler/synth collection you can always use >half rack synths<

Here's a few Classics from Roland, Korg and Yamaha, most sounds/dollar go buy the JV-1010 or the NX5R or for most nostalgic sounding the FB-01 fm-synth.

Have some more like the Akai SG01v rompler full of vinage synthsounds but it is white and did not match the other ones fot the photoshoot :p

Get em all, maybe not the Kawai but the other ones are superb :p


Floppy Disks 4 trade

Anyone want to trade floppy disks?

Its for the Ensoniq EPS 16+ sampler, have maybe 2000-2500 disks but not all Ensoniq, some are Roland S-330 and others Akai :-P love browsling, trying different ones, It's like archaeology :D, anyway leave a comment if you want to trade, other samplers are ok to..


New Soundset 4 Sidstation

Patches 4 SidstationNew soundset for all you Elektron Sidstation owners. 100 blips and blopps + some arpeggios and all that Commodore stuff, totally new patches from 2017 what are u waiting for :D

Download here <-

No preview yet though, just download and try it out :p


New Red Display for Yamaha TX7

After hours and hours browsing trough DX7 soundbanks looking for the best to make an bestof bank i decided to upgrade to a new nice red display as the old one was old and not red enough anyway bought it from the nice dude muzikelektronik on ebay.

The sound got better to (in my head anyway) :D


preenfm2 DiY synth in metal casing

Razorsharp leads, stange textures, bells and much more :p loadup with 256 DX7 soundbanks etc! Anyway its preenfm2 im writing about and you will like it if you like industrial music or 80s ballads from the 80s,  nice metal casing to :-) 9/10 

I have 2 one with yellow and one with blue screen :D merry x-mas!


Chip Maestro - Poor Mans midiNES ?

A cheaper version of midiNES maybe, anyway you can make some sweet Nintendo sounds with it, not as flashy ass the midiNES butt still a good one, buy and try :p 

Chip Maestro 7/10 BiTS 

My upcomming EPS samlpelib will contain 2 .wavs from it.